Saturday, March 8, 2014

What to do....what to do?

So my love is out of town.  Skiing with his friends.  I am actually super happy about this.  He really needed it and deserves it.  Yup, it's true.  My husband is pretty awesome.  Most people that know him agree.  My friends actually give me a hard time if I give him a hard time.  I think some friends like him more than they like me.  That's how awesome he is.  So anyways.....he is out of town.  And now I have some me time.....ok, well me and the kids technically kids time until their bedtime.  So I pictured a bath, a glass of wine, painting my nails and reading my book....nope.  First night was a work night, so I have no clue what I did.  Day 2...Once kids were in bed, I guiltily watched Parenthood - a show we watch together.  Then I shopped on-line and bought a hamper for the boys room and put a bunch of things in the cart for me, but bought nothing.  Finally ended up on Facebook.  FB is a drug.  Addictive. Really do I need to read an article about Being Mommy...I know what it is like.  Do I have to see what my friends friend commented about the picture.....NO!  But do I look, yes.....I gotta get off of that shit. So finally bedtime.  Ready to sleep. but  I was up what That's not what G had planned.  I was up what seemed like 500 times for poor little G.  Girl couldn't sleep.  Brought her too bed with and then she decided to jump and fall onto our new memory foam bed.  Laughing and having a ball. That's when I kicked her out.  She cried a bit more and then fell asleep.  I tried sleeping again, but B woke up because he was cold.  Kid can't put the blankets on himself?  Seriously.  So had to help with him.  And of course, J slept through it all.  My perfect sleeper.   Texted hubs to complain about kids...don't know why.  Later when talking to him, he told me that he had the same problems when I went away a month ago, but didn't tell me so I didn't worry while I was gone......proving his awesomeness.
Day 3.....Took kids too the St. Patrick's Day parade in the freezing cold.  They had lots of candy.  I had fun talking with my friend.  Came home for a late lunch of cereal.  Kids loved it. Then family nap time....all 3 kids slept and I couldn't fall asleep!  Instead of laundry or cleaning, I laid in bed.  Everyone woke up, we played a little, had a movie night and bed.  This was a fun night because I had two friends come over for wine.  It was super cute because the boys wanted to say hi.  They were being all shy.  I flashed back to my mom having her ladies over to play Bridge.  Man, those ladies seemed so I am the old lady!  Of course B had to come to the stairs 3 or 4 times because he was scared, then cold, then couldn't get the blankets on him.  I bribed him with Dunkin' Donuts.  Please don't get out of bed, you can have donuts in the morning....his response "I don't want donuts, I want to eat healthy."  Seriously kid.  Ok, let's eat healthy then, but stay in bed!!!  Finally he did.   I got to drink my wine with my girls.  Love those girls.  Friend from middle school and her sister.  We had a blast just talking.  Never a fake moment with those ladies! They live so close, yet life gets in the way.  I need them in my life more often.  I will have deeper smile lines and stained teeth from the red wine, but my heart will be so full. That is what it is about. Friendship.  True friendship.  None of this surface crap. Bare bones. to bed now...which probably means finishing my glass of wine and looking on FB and Instagram........and please children....sleep through the night....mama needs to get ready for Day 4 without the hubs.


  1. ah, he sure is pretty awesome! and wine...really, always makes sleepless nights better :) or coffee. lots of it!

  2. Jackie - I love this! So proud of you for deciding to start (re-start) your blog! And you already beat your first attempt at it (2 blogs instead of just 1). Your writing reminds me of talking to you - We always jump from subject to subject like that. Your family is awesome! Pete rocks and so do you! I can't wait to hear more about your daily journey! :-)